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All Tools

All toolkit tools in alphabetical order.

Assessment Plan 

To define how ILOs are reliably measured.

CBL Aspiration Wheel (Formerly: Wheel of Life)

To find your CBL Aspirations and to decide what you want to start with.

CBL Team and its Advisors

To keep an overview of all team members and stakeholders of the CBL course/project.

CBL Design Board

To create one overview of the learning journey of your students. Including the process, activities and assessment.

Challenge Template

To help formulate your challenge.

Course Foundation

To get your first ideas out.

Course Ideation (including the design methods of innovation Space)

To generate and ideas for your design.

Design Brief

To create focus on what and how you would like to design.

There are different tools for optimizing a course and creating a new course.

Development Plan

To help you plan and organize your course.

ILO formulation

To get support in correctly formulating your ILOs.

Implementation Checklist

To make sure you put everything in place for your course/project.

Precondition Analysis

To get prerequisites and any preliminary work lined up for your CBL course/project.

Prioritize your ideas

To help you structure your ideas and make choices.