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7 April 2021
Teaching and showcasing with MATLAB live scripts
A recent article describes how MATLAB live scripts allowed Duarte Antunes to integrate text, images, equations and Matlab code into a single document, teaching complex concepts in a way that is interactive and engaging.
4 December 2019
Finding your way through education playing and sharing
Teachers at TU/e can start to develop their innovative educational projects with financial support from program plan BOOST. Assistant professor Nikos Paterakis will design a competitive game that teaches his students at Electrical Engineering ever...
27 November 2019
Working on better education yourself
Students would like to have more and more regular feedback during their lectures and lab work, but with the increased student numbers this isn't always possible as often as they and the lecturers would like. Moreover, that last group spends a...
23 October 2019
Lecturers help create tomorrow's education
That something has to change in the way we offer education is a given, as many lecturers at TU/e are fully aware. Indeed, they have been proposing stacks of projects to experiment with new approaches, all eligible for funding. Some may well come to n
6 March 2019
TU/e to carry out trail runs with digital education projects
There is no shortage of plans at TU/e when it comes to innovative digital education projects. And now, the funding needed for the implementation of these plans has become available. The money comes from the student loan resources budget. Program p...