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Be the Owner of your Own Study -BOOST!

After more than six centuries of traditional lectures at universities, higher education lecturing is suddenly changing shape in a disruptive tempo. The traditional classroom with a teacher as ‘sage on the stage’ is rapidly changing into a time and place independent digital hybrid model, with the teacher as a ‘guide on the side’.  

This worldwide, fundamental change, caused by the appearance of MOOCs in 2012, creates the opportunity to personalize education, tailor it to the student's needs, putting students in charge of their education and thus greatly improving the quality of education.  

TU/e already embraced this change in education in the past and experimented extensively with blended learning. In 2017 TU/e  improved educational logistics and the digital learning environment, which has led to the purchase of a new Student Information System (SIS) and a new Learning Management System (LMS) intending to improve the service to students and teachers and improve the quality of education. TU/e also digitalized the testing process and introduced automated feedback.  

Now it is time to take the next step and take the challenge that has been formulated in TU/e-Strategy: to transform from teaching to learning with the use of IT.  

To achieve this TU/e has initiated plans that will sustain this new digital educational paradigm. BOOST! is one of those new plans. This acronym stands for Be the Owner of your Own Study, which pretty much also summarizes the goal of this program. 

BOOST! started in 2019. It is aimed to run for 5 years. For the first year, it is framed as a bottom-up program, with a developmental approach rather than a design approach BOOST! consists of a substantial amount of pilots that are thematically linked together via TU/e educational vision and IT solutions. BOOST!-pilots rely heavily on IT-solutions but are not IT-driven. Here you can find the BOOST!-plan.  

Intermediate evaluation of the program will take place in 2021. The program is funded by the so-called Studievoorschotmiddelen, which is described in the Plan for Quality Agreements 2019-2024

If you want to know more about the program, you can read the starting document. For obtaining the phase plans, mail Fred Gaasendam. 


The program is led by Fred Gaasendam (W.F.Gaasendam@tue.nl). A steering group monitors the progress and direction of the BOOST!-program. This steering group consists of the following people: 

The steering group will be supported by a sounding board of students. This sounding board consists of the following people: