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Why CBL?

In today's fast-paced and globalized world, where challenges and technological advancements are constant drivers for innovation, we need an educational model that prepares engineering students for this ever-changing future.

While a strong foundation of knowledge remains crucial, engineering students at TU/e are expected to be able to join forces and quickly acquire, apply and integrate their expertise to solve the complex challenges of this world.

In response to these evolving professional demands, TU/e has embraced Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) as its educational cornerstone. CBL stands out as a promising educational concept for cultivating deep and meaningful learning experiences that activate students and offers them an authentic context for learning. CBL equips students with the skills they need to tackle complex problems, even when the methodologies and outcomes are not yet clear.

Furthermore, there are notable organizational benefits to this approach. CBL is integrated into our curriculum and linked with research and innovation. TU/e creates a dynamic ecosystem in which disciplines meet, and education and research can mutually reinforce each other. This synergy enriches the learning experience and positions TU/e at the forefront of research-based (educational) innovation.

In addition, educational research shows that the combination of direct instruction and inquiry-based learning, such as CBL, provides the best quality of education. Acquiring new knowledge through direct instruction, such as lectures, is still a relevant method. But we also know that students quickly forget what they have learned if they do not apply it. CBL enables the deeper form of learning, where students learn to apply, analyse, evaluate and create knowledge.

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