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Does your course already incorporate elements of CBL, and are you interested in further enhancing your course with CBL aspects? This is the place to be!

Here you will find a concrete roadmap with tools to:

How To Start?

Start with step 1 and then continue through the process. Good luck and enjoy!

Needed materials from your current course

  • Course schedule with content and learning activities
  • ILOs
  • Assessment plan
  • Optional: Current challenge

If you do not have these materials, we recommend following the path of Creating a New CBL course.

Required knowledge

During the process, we use a number of terms about CBL. We have listed them for you as briefly and clearly as possible. Would you like to read these in advance?

The responsible lecturer is in charge of creating the CBL course. Fortunately, they dont have to do it alone. Most teachers gather more and more people around them during the iterative process.

In the beginning, that team is small. Usually two teachers, assisted by the Teacher Support of their department. During the process, that team expands as they need new insights, disciplines and support.

In addition, the team has a number of stakeholders which are not active in the process, but can give advice. An example is the program director.


  • Download the document CBL Teaching and Support Team and assemble your design team. Involve the teacher support of your department as early as possible.
  • You will find that your team gets bigger and bigger during the process. Use this (or a similar) document to keep track of all names and responsibilities.