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Background and justification of the project

This project is connected to the course 7u8x0 ‘Geographic Modelling of the Built Environment’ which starts in Quartile 4 and has 5 ECTS. The course is an elective course for bachelor students. The course consists of two parts. In the first part, students learn and use the concepts of Geographic Information and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In the second part, the focus is on the collection and processing of two- and three-dimensional (spatial) data using various devices such as Smartphone Apps (2d and 3d), GPS-trackers (2d and 3d) and Drones (3d). Especially, the latter becomes more and more popular in practice because of its ability of measuring and visualizing volumes of buildings.

At the moment limited knowledge is available on the use of drones for data collection and no specific tutorials are available to support bachelor students in the built environment domain to carrying out a 3d-measurements. This is especially relevant in the context of Urban Planning & Design, Transportation Planning, and Real Estate Management. Also other disciplines dealing with elements of the Built Environment like Physical aspects such as heritage documentation and monitoring and Constructionbuilding construction monitoring, can benefit from the use of drones.

Objectives and expected outcomes

The deployment of a TA is intended to support the second part of the course 7u8x0 by setting up a basic tutorial and exercise for collecting 3d-data with a drone, and importing and processing the data in a GIS-software. The goal of the project is to develop a set of tutorials that helps students to conduct the exercises through self-study and learns teaches students to work with the involved hardware (drone) and software (photogrammetry and GIS) systems. As a result, the project will provide a set of tutorials dealing with the use of a drone (including setting up, controlling, and use) and a guide to collect and transfer the data from this device into GIS.

Project design and management

The TA will develop the a set of tutorials and exercises for the collection of 3d data by using existing movies and online exercisesfor the collection of 3d data via a drone and 3d data processing. By watching the tutorial movies, students can prepare for the exercises. Then students will be given exercises to collect various kinds of data with the available drone and the use of this data in GIS. Both the movies, tutorials, and exercises will become available through CANVAS. More specific, the TA with the support of the lecturers, will do the following activities:

  1. Exploring what will be taught in the course regarding 3d data collection, what the content of the tutorial should be regarding the use of drones, what exercises are needed to master the collection of 3d-data with a drone, what kind of assessment/feedback is utilized;
  2. Prepare movies with background information on the use of drones and step-by-step implementation instruction (tutorial) of data collection with drones and additional processing;
  3. Prepare online tutorials to master the drone and exercises;
  4. Implement movies, and exercises preferably in the CANVAS-system. The system allows teachers to give additional feedback.

Dissemination and sustainability of the project

For testing, the developed tutorials and exercises will be made available for students following the course Geographic Modelling of the Built Environment. After testing, the tutorials and exercises will be evaluated. Next, both tutorials and exercises will be made available for all students who want to collect 3d data for their project.

Results and learnings

This project is still ongoing.

For more information, please contact:

Assistant Professor
Gamze Dane
Vertigo V9.13
+31 40 247 3349
Peter van der Waerden
Urban Planning & Transportation, Department of the Built Environment