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What is it?

Teacher Support are the educational experts at TU/e who help teachers design or redesign their courses, from first evaluation to complete implementation. We also take point on university-wide implementation of educational technology. Did the other BOOST! project spark enthusiasm for starting your own project? Teacher Support can help! Read more about what Teacher Support does and find your department's teacher supporter at the bottom of this page. You can also reach out to the central ESA Teacher Support via: 


How does Teacher Support work?

If you are looking to change your educational approach or redesign your courses, Teacher Support can help you with educational expertise and technology. We can help you update your curriculum with the latest technology and educational principles, to improve the efficiency of your teaching and effectiveness of your students’ learning. 

Why would I want to go to Teacher Support?

Do any of the following points apply? Then drop by your department’s Teacher Support person for an intake conversation.

There is a member of Teacher Support in each department, which makes it easy to get started.

How can I work with Teacher Support most effectively?

Educational design is a complex but fun process. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Do some research. Our goal is to find the optimal mix between educational methods: technology, lectures and study materials. What fits you as a person?
  2. Think about your goal. Although we have the technical and educational expertise, educational redesign is not a goal by itself. What would you like to accomplish?
  3. If you found an interesting piece of software, come to us. Not only can we help you implement it, we can also look into whether there are any legal or privacy issues. Perhaps we will even make the tool available to all teachers.

What kind of support is there?

For smaller questions, we can advise you right away. For larger redesign projects, we will look into your wishes and go through the six-step educational improvement process together:

BOOST! documentation

To submit a BOOST! proposal, please read and follow the format in the 'Innovation Call 2022' application form. This form will provide you with timelines, project requirements and the assessment criteria for all submissions. We recommend completing a propsal with the support of your department's teacher supporter. 

Reach out to your department's Teacher Support

Teacher Support
Drs. Paola van der Sluis
Industrial Design (ID) department
Teacher Support
Drs. Yvonne Vervuurt
Applied Physics (AP) department
Teacher Support
Drs. Renée Hendrikx
Electrical Engineering (EE) department
Teacher Support
Drs. Lonneke Aalpol
Industrial Engineering &Innovation Science (IE&IS) department
Teacher Support
Drs. Rian Zusterveel
Industrial Engineering &Innovation Science (IE&IS) department
Teacher Support
Dr. ir. Mariëlle Bosboom
Biomedical Technology (BMT) department
Teacher Support
Metin Kaya
Maths and Computer Science (W&I) department
Teacher Support
Phoenix Wongpimoln
Mechanical Engineering (ME) department
Teacher Support
Drs. Loes Mutsaers
Built Environment (BE) department